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DragonSkills is the program we use for all our Dragon classes.  Every class uses a combination of gymnastics, ninja, martial arts and parkour.  

Dragons represent bringing out the best in every child and trainer.

What obstacle will you overcome today?


Dragon Kids-  Age 2-3

Dragon Kids is a program for 2-3 year olds where having a big Dragon with them (Mom or Dad) helps our little Dragons succeed.  This 40 minute class helps our youngest Dragons learn to balance, climb, jump, land and hang.  Our Dragon Kids curriculum helps them learn skills like sharing, being polite, learning to be friends and helps prepare them for independent learning.

Dragon Explore-  Age 3-4

Dragon Explore introduces independent learning and new challenges.  Our Dragon Explore program will help your preschooler learn how to work hard for new skills and set the pathway for long term perseverance.  The program also continues to use specific skills and actions that help with proprioception, cognitive thinking, decision making and prepares students for school environments.  

Dragon Adventure-  Age 5-7

Dragon Adventure is just that - a big adventure!  We incorporate imagination and themed challenges that inspire this age group to think big.  Each class brings a new adventure that the Dragon Warriors will work together to achieve.  This helps them not only learn new skills without even realizing they are learning, but it builds teamwork, respect, creative thinking, spatial reasoning, and perseverence.  

Dragon Challenge-  Ages 8+

At this age it's game on!  Our Dragon Warriors now reach for personal bests, challenge their confidence and abilities to new levels.  This helps build their belief in themselves, their ability to work hard and their ability to reach their full potential.  The 8 level system works similarly to belts in Martial Arts.  Students build not only skill and strength, but character traits like respect, integrity, and so much more.  



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